A H-I-G-H-E-R Education (part 1)


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campus flowers May 2014Welcome to our new blog! Here is where we at HBU’s School of Nursing & Allied Health will share our thoughts about matters of health, fitness, and spirituality.  We will discuss caring and compassion from the perspectives of nurses, athletic trainers, coaches, healthcare workers, and teachers. We may share our thoughts on professionalism and success in nursing and allied health schools.

Let me address the title of this inaugural series, A HIGHER Education. Notice the word higher in ALL CAPS?

My source for this phrase, “A Higher Education,” is HBU’s slogan, present in all our literature from business cards to websites. See?  www.hbu.edu. There it is, but “higher” is not all capped like it is in this title.

I use HIGHER as an acronym describing my personal code, and how I strive to conduct my life and my business.  As the dean of the school, and as a member of the human race, this is so important to me that I asked my faculty, staff, students, and friends to tell me if they witness my behaving in a way that is not in keeping with this code. It’s how I want the School of Nursing & Allied Health to operate, with every person involved in our school maintaining these same values.

Here’s my code, my HIGHER education practice. I will spend the next few entries discussing each value in turn, along with how they apply to nursing and allied health, fitness, health, and spirituality.

H = humility

I   = integrity

G = glorify

H = Him

E = encouragement

R = respect

I’ll wrap up this series with an overall summary and special pearls that I discover while writing. Thank you for reading. I look forward to our time together.