Schumann_Renae_04a On behalf of the faculty and staff of Houston Baptist University’s www.hbu.edu School of Nursing & Allied Health (SNAH), I want to welcome new and returning students! We are so happy you are here!

This is an exciting time of opportunity and growth for the University with the beginning of the first real football season (Dawgs Up!!), the new women’s sport of sand volleyball, the new construction, and the new faculty and programs.  Our SNAH is doing its part to contribute to the excitement and growth with new clinical and internship opportunities, new programs, and new faculty.

There will be a lot of information and rigorous scheduling while you are in school, no matter what your major.  Time management will be important, but that will be covered in a future post.  Please know that the University has many resources available to help you manage your commitment to your education. Please take advantage of those opportunities.

Future posts will be directed at some aspect of success in college. Some will be written specifically about nursing school, some about kinesiology, and college about any major.  We will have posts about being an athlete in college, and some about being in the Honors College.  There will be posts on fitness and self-care, since you will see very soon that you cannot properly care for your patients and clients if you do not take care of yourself. Many of these posts will be contributed by other SNAH faculty. We all have the goal of helping you achieve A Higher Education.

Again, welcome! I look forward to seeing you around campus, and I hope you have a wonderful semester!

Dean Schumann