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glorify GodTherefore I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God- this is your true and proper worship. Romans 12:1

During this first blog series I am discussing my personal and professional code using the acronym “HIGHER”, which stands for humility, integrity, glorify, Him, encouragement, respect.  My acronym is similar to HBU’s slogan, “A Higher Education”, which you can see at www.hbu.edu. I have talked briefly about humility and integrity separately. This post will combine the two middle letters and discuss “glorify Him”.

HBU’s President, Dr. Robert Sloan (@DrRobertBSloan) recently tweeted, “Worship is the beginning of all Christian piety, of all Christian experience.”

Worshipping God glorifies Him. It puts God first above else, setting Him apart from everything and everyone else. It involves every thought, every word, every action. In all things I strive to glorify God.  I believe with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength that my purpose in life is to glorify Him.  Because I am human, I often fall short of glorifying Him, but I try to remember to give Him the praise and  glory for everything that I have and everything I am.  After all, He knows I fall short and that I will continue to despite my best efforts. The great thing is that He does not require me to be perfect because out of His love for all of us He sent the Perfect One, His Son, Jesus.  God will not hold my failures to glorify Him against me because I believe and accept the gracious gift of His Son. In Him (Jesus) I am made new, and my imperfections (aka those times I do not glorify God) are forgiven.  I am grateful. Out of my gratitude and love for Him comes praise and worship to God, Who gave me life. He is glorified.

Glorifying Him does not have to wait for Sunday church service. It can happen anywhere at anytime.  As I said before, my life’s purpose is to glorify Him in everything I do. As a healthcare provider, a leader, and a member of the human race, I have plenty of opportunities to practice glorifying Him in all things, and giving Him the glory for all things.  When healthcare providers humbly care for others, thinking of themselves less and thinking of others more, and with integrity, do the right thing even when that right thing is hard or unpopular, they glorify Him.  Leaders who consider themselves team members, and with humility and integrity help the team reach its goal, whether that goal involves patient care accomplishments or other achievements, glorify Him.  We humans serving others with humility and integrity glorify Him as we follow the example Jesus set by washing the feet of His disciples, as I stated in the post on humility.

Remembering that I am created by God in His image reminds me that I should take care of my body which His creation, and that I should use it to serve and glorify Him, with humility, and with integrity, and in all my thoughts, words, and actions. Giving my self, my talents, and my body to serve and care for His people at the bedside, in the classroom or office, in the community, and throughout the world is worship, and it glorifies Him.

My purpose in this life above all others is to glorify God. I want to worship and glorify Him in all things.  Next up, Encouragement!